Apr 19, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI blasts pornography, but is porn-capital L.A.'s cardinal listening?

You probably heard that Pope Benedict XVI said the other day, “What does it mean to speak of child protection when pornography and violence can be viewed in so many homes through media widely available today?”

What with L.A. being the pornography-production capital of the world, we have to wonder if His Holiness was directing that remark toward L.A.'s Cardinal Roger Mahony, who certainly could fight pornography if he only would.

Will Cardinal Mahony take the Vicar of Christ's comment to heart and now head up a difference-making anti-pornography campaign? Will His Eminence write a pastoral letter about the demonic evil of pornography and about every Catholic's duty to avoid it and to fight it?

We have to wonder, given the Cardinal's 23-year record of virtual silence and inaction when it comes to Hollywood mainstream filth and the overt pornography kingpins.

How can it be that the world's entertainment media capital has a Cardinal who is not an outspoken champion of decency and a fearless crusader against the filth that wounds and kills so many souls?


Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

No need to wonder, i'm sure it was an address to His Emminence to take a stand against this issue.

We do need to pray that some type of direction comes, we can do our part, praying in front of places where pornography is sold, and teaching about the evils for those of us involved with Ministry.

Come to think of it, I've only heard the Cardinal speak about immigration, but I think something like pornography which indangers souls is something to be teaching hard against, but that's just me.

2:17 PM  

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