May 9, 2008

Coming soon, and FREE to priests: Latin Mass instructional DVD

Click on this post's title to find out about a new DVD that EWTN and the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter will release this June to teach priests and seminarians how to say the Latin Mass. post for May 8 carries a translation of an interview with Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, president of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei. Check out this quote from the Cardinal:

"[A.] ...However, since it is the intention, the 'mens' [mind], of the Pope to grant this treasure for the good of the Church, where there are no priests the best thing would be to offer a celebration according to the extraordinary rite in one of the parish Sunday Masses. It would be a Mass for everyone, and everyone, including the younger generations would benefit from the richness of the extraordinary rite, for example, from those moments of contemplation that in the novus ordo have disappeared." [emphasis added]

"[Q.] So you maintain that, even if there is no consistent and stable group, in the future it is intended to offer one of the Sunday Masses in the extraordinary rite? [A.] I think so. On the other hand, this possibility had already been approved unanimously in 1986 by a commission of cardinals in which was also present Cardinal Ratzinger, but then it did not become operative. Now I would be sure that it could be done." [emphasis added]

And listen to this quote from the Cardinal:

"[Q.] Another point to clarify is the definition of a 'stable and consistent group'. What does it mean exactly? [A.] It is a matter of common sense: why make an issue if the people who ask for the rite come from different parishes? If they come together and request a Mass, they become a stable group, although they did not know each other before. Also the number is a question of goodwill. In some parishes, especially in the country, on weekdays the persons who come to the ordinary Mass are three or four, and the same happens in not a few religious houses. Why, if those same three people request the old Mass would it be pastorally necessary to reject it?"

"[Q.] So the future document should be more welcoming of requests from few? [A.] Yes, but it has to be understood not as something that should be at the expense of others, of the majority, but for their enrichment and always avoiding any even minimal form of antagonism."

The DVD will be free to priests. For everyone else, there is a pre-order price of $19.99, and the DVD will cost $29.95 after that.


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