Jun 18, 2008

Archbishop Niederauer praises the late Tim Russert

Today's Catholic News Agency daily bulletin notes that San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer yesterday praised the late newscaster Tim Russert "for...his commitment to discovering each aspect of the story that contributed to people having a better awareness of the issues of public life and candidates for political office."

The Archbishop also praised Tim Russert thusly: "But those of us who shared his Catholic faith and his deep love for it appreciated his sharing of the story of his own faith and his loyalty to the life of the Catholic Church in this country and the many charities to which he contributed his time and talent."

Archbishop Niederauer heads the U.S. bishops' Communications Committee.

Inasmuch as liberals always mock, savage and persecute news media pro-lifers such as Rush Limbaugh and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, we pro-lifers can be forgiven for wondering if their universal and unstinting praise for Mr. Russert means he was not pro-life.

Chicago and D.C. political old hand Tom Roeser today charges (click on this post's title) that when Daniel Moynihan was new to the U.S. Senate, "It was [his then-aide] Russert, another Irish Catholic but a born pragmatist whose only goal was to placate the mob, who convinced Moynihan to go with the liberal herd and be a pro-abort."

Today's national news, by the way, features photos of the fanatically and mercilessly pro-abortion Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama arriving at Tim Russert's funeral at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown.

Do you think we will ever hear any members of the U.S. hierarchy lavish praise on a pro-life public figure the way they do on neutral or pro-abortion ones?

Anyway, let's pray for the repose of Tim Russert's soul, and Sen. Moynihan's, and let's admit our sins, be sorry for them, confess them as soon as possible, make reparation for our sins and those of the whole world, and resolve to sin no more. Amen.

And let us pray: Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls!


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