Sep 20, 2008

Bush admin. salutes pro-life pregnancy centers

Nice to hear, via a press release from Care Net (click on this post's title), that:

"More than 150 pregnancy center volunteers and 56 pregnancy center organizations from across the country received Presidential Volunteer Service Awards on Friday [Sept. 19] at a ceremony hosted by Assistant Secretary for Health, Admiral Joxel Garcia, MD, M.B.A. and the White House USA Freedom Corps."

You would never, ever know it from our abortion-propagandizing "news" media, but 2,500+ pro-life pregnancy centers exist around our USA, with tens of thousands of volunteers. They outnumber the abortion chambers.

If any liberals think the abortion zealot and extremist Barack Hussein Obama would ever salute pro-life pregnancy centers the way the Bush admin. has, they are nuts.


Anonymous Raymond Schaefer said...

It is a great misfortune that the media in this country is so biased against religious and conservative values in this country. They are pro-abortion and will minimize or simply not report any news that is pro-life, including the fact that there are many pro-life centers in the United States.

The media also mis-labels pro-abortionists as "pro-choice", making it sound like something good. Choice is a good thing, right? But abortion is not pro-choice. As pointed out in the article Whose Choice? , abortion robs an unborn child of every choice it could ever make. It is also not the choice of the nation through its elected representatives. It is the choice of a handful of justices on the Supreme Court who have exceeded the authority that the Constitution has given them.

10:34 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Raymond Schaefer,

Thanks for writing to point out the un-journalistic faults of the "news" media propagandizers.

You've got their number, all right.

4:41 PM  

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