Sep 17, 2008

The devastation that Catholic liberals have wrought and continue to wreak

If you want to get a sense of how badly liberal Catholic bishops and clergy treat the faithful -- how UNPASTORAL the liberals are to their flock, and all the heartbreak they create -- please read this excerpt from a letter I've received this week.

(The letter is from another state, and I've altered some names and the date, to keep the location unidentified.)

"On Oct. -- is the last closing Mass for St. --- Church. The bishop will be here to say it. It's on a Sunday and there will be a church dinner afterwards.

"It will be like saying goodbye to a very old and very dear friend. Jim and I were married there. M--- and I were both baptized there. First Holy Communion and Confirmation for me also. M--- was married there also. Also, of course, all our families' funerals there. And M---'s baccalaureate there. And our 25th wedding anniversary Mass was there as well.

"So hard to say good-bye!"

See what I mean?

Some liberals might object, "How can you say that 'liberals' caused this?"

Easy: First, the liberals said Catholics could commit contraception without sin. That has more than decimated Catholic family size and has emptied the pews.

Second, the liberals have created a largely artificial crisis -- a "priest shortage." They have done this by exiling or getting rid of many a faithful priest, and by rejecting many a faithful applicant to seminaries for opposing priestesses and active homosexual seminarians and clergy.

There you have it: When the liberals say, "Oh, we've got to close your beautiful, traditional, historic church because not enough people attend and because we don't have enough priests," they are citing problems they themselves have created, and they are punishing us for it!


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