Oct 21, 2008

Biden lies again -- about the Church and aborting babies

Joe Biden (above, smirking), the pro-abortion zealot Democrat and self-described Catholic running mate of pro-abortion extremist Barack Hussein "I Don't Want Them Punished with a Baby" Obama, has lied again about the Church and aborting babies.

Biden, asked by the Delaware News Journal on Oct. 19 (click on this post's title) how he can reconcile being Catholic and defending Roe vs. Wade, said:

"It's very difficult. [NO KIDDING!] I was raised as a Catholic, I'm a practicing Catholic, and I'm totally at home with the Catholicism that I was raised in and this whole culture of social responsibility...

"But throughout the Church's history [sic], we've argued [sic] between whether or not it is wrong in every circumstance [sic] and the degree of wrong [sic]. Catholics have this notion [sic], it's almost a gradation [sic]."

[Um, Biden is "a practicing Catholic," except for that little thing about himself and his cronies facilitating the slayings of tens of millions of God's precious preborn babies.]

[And, um, how does putting 50 million babies to death fit into "social responsibility?"]

In the interview, Biden says a lot more, all of it bad. He needs to read what the bishops and the Knights of Columbus have said about him, and take it all to heart.

That'll be the day. But let's say a prayer for him.

This would be a perfect time for Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles to atone for his utter silence so far about abortion and the election. Cardinal Mahony could publicly explain what is wrong with Biden's remarks. He could also defend Pope John Paul II's teaching that any advocacy of other issues is "false and illusory" if we do not defend the right to life.

No, I'm not expecting that. But the Cardinal sure should do that.

Thanks to Lifenews.com for the story tip and the photo above.


Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Let me personally remind Senator Biden of something very simple.

Abortion was not the evil that was talked about in degrees. Those would be things that are NOT intrinsically evil, such as war or the death penalty.

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not just Catholics that are under attack, but the whole Cristian faith. Killing babies is classified as killing a person, no difference. If you wont do it to a person, you cannot do it to a fetus. Christians and Catholics seem to be blind to the difference.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Joe of St. Therese,

Thanks very much -- right you are!

8:54 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear JBS,

Yes, the faith of Catholics and other Christians is under attack, and strong attack, at that.

And you are absolutely right that many Protestants and many Catholics do not understand, see or admit that before birth each of us IS A PERSON just as much as after we are born.

In January 1988, President Reagan, God rest his soul, issued a proclamation that declared the personhood of preborn babies. It is a remarkable document.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Solzy Krasnov Hilfswillige said...


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