Oct 7, 2008

More proof positive that liberal Catholics love pro-abortion politicians

LifeSiteNews.com reported today (Oct. 7) that Bishop John M. Smith of the Diocese of Trenton, N.J., recently ordered Stuart Country Day School, a Catholic school in Princeton, to not let pro-abortion New Jersey ex-Gov. Christine Whitman keynote a "women's leadership" forum at the school.

But then, guess what: Rather than disinvite the pro-abort, the school canceled the whole forum.

And it gets worse: Society of the Sacred Heart Sister Frances de la Chapelle, who heads the school, issued a defiant public statement that said:

"We are saddened that our students, and the wider community, will not be enriched by the lively discussion and critical thinking that surely would have resulted from Governor Whitman's lecture on leadership, values, and the environment.

"I ask that we pray for our Church, Governor Whitman, and ourselves at this time."

Christine Whitman was so pro-abortion that in 1997 she vetoed a bill to ban partial-birth / being-born "abortions."

This episode is just more proof positive that liberal Catholics love liberalism more than Catholicism. And judging by the school's negative, defiant reaction to their Bishop's order, who can say that liberals' liberalism does not include being pro-abortion?


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