Oct 4, 2008

SF Archdiocese Catholic Charities to end homosexual adoption program funding

The Archdiocese of San Francisco's Catholic Charities plans to end its two-year "funding relationship" of about $250,000 a year with Family Builders by Adoption and its California Kids Connection adoption program.

So says a story by Valerie Schmalz in the October 12 issue of Our Sunday Visitor (click on this post's title).

The story quotes S.F. Archdiocese spokesman Maurice Healy as tersely telling the Visitor, "The CCCYO [Catholic Charities CYO] relationship with California Kids Connection [Family Builders' adoption program] was not envisioned as being long term."

But when the archdiocese announced this plan in 2006, it didn't say it "was not envisioned as being long-term."

The news story says Catholic Charities of S.F. is facing a budget deficit. Maybe that is the cause of the funding cut. Maybe other problems, not yet revealed, could also be a factor?

Will the S.F. Archdiocese now rescue children whom this program placed with homosexual pairs in the past two years? Will it make reparation to the children in the years to come?

Thanks to the online California Catholic Daily for alerting everyone to the OSV story.


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