Nov 4, 2008

Catholics risk eternal salvation by voting for pro-aborts

All over the Net yesterday and today, and making the e-mail rounds among pro-lifers yesterday and today, is a hard-hitting quote by one of the 110 -- and counting -- bishops who have issued or signed statements warning Catholics that they may not morally vote for pro-abortion candidates.

The bishop is Bishop Robert Finn of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri, and here is what he says he would say to a Catholic who plans to vote for Obama:

"I would say, give consideration to your eternal salvation. Because to vote for a person who has expressed a fanatical determination to not only support abortion as it exists now, but to remove all limitations on it through the Freedom of Choice Act and to extend it without any resource, throwing out all the efforts of citizens over the last 35 years to place reasonable limits on abortion; that you, by voting for a person who has expressed his determination to do this, to Planned Parenthood, to NARAL, that you make yourself a participant in the act of abortion. That's gravely wrong and you mustn't do it, because your eternal salvation is tied up with that important choice."

Yikes! Wouldn't you think those words would give pause to even a liberal? How could liberals dispute any of what the bishop said?

Actually, one way they could dispute it would be to point out that "only" 110 bishops have said anything pro-life, and the majority, including L.A.'s cardinal and bishops, have been silent. Do the silent cardinals and bishops disagree with those who have spoken out, or what?

And does the silence of so many cardinals and bishops, including ours here in ole L.A., give cover to Catholics who want to vote pro-abortion?

Anyway, thanks to several pro-life e-newsletters for sending along Bishop Finn's powerful quote to everyone yesterday and today.


Blogger Leigh said...'s over. He is now officially President-Elect Obama. I'm dismayed with many of my fellow Catholics who parted with their faith to elect the most staunch, unapologetic, pro-abortion president in our nation’s history. What's more, I'm furious with our Church leaders who were, with a few vocal exceptions, barely audible on this cornerstone issue. Those who did weigh in did so far too late in the game.

Here is the bottom line: a vote for Obama is an overt affront to the belief in the sanctity of life. Under his leadership, untold numbers of pre-born citizens will have no legal protection and will literally be discarded like garbage. If we choose to remain silent or complacent on this issue, we are tacitly complicit in the commitment of egregious sin. So, please...let's start our work immediately. Let us embrace John Paul II's plea to disavow any affiliation to politicians or to parties which promote a culture of death. Take our local and national Church leaders to task when they fail to speak in audible, timely, and courageous tones. Ensure that your local parish embraces the right to life as a prominent aspect of its social justice ministry. Create such a ministry where none exists. Never accept the reality with which we are now faced as an insurmountable status quo.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, do not be misled by our future president's eloquence or by his compassionate stances on other issues. Do not be deceived: His active support of abortion is a perpetuation of great evil.

Tonight, I pray for the miraculous influence of God’s Grace--upon Mr. Obama and upon all of us. Please help us find the wisdom and the words to change the hearts and minds of those who lead. Give us the tools to re-inspire those among us who have grown apathetic in the struggle to protect human life at all stages. Let us not be lulled into weary tolerance of repeated wrongdoing; we ask for insight to discern and to counter this insidious evil, cloaked in the disguise of popular will, clouded in the banality of day-to-day life.

On this issue above all others, we are losing our way. I pray for God’s strength and love to lead our citizenry away from befuddled judgment, cultivated and perpetuated by persuasive, popular leaders.

2:08 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Leigh,

Thank you for writing in with good analysis and wise counsel.

I couldn't agree more with you that so many of our fellow Catholics should never have voted pro-abortion.

You're also so right that ALL our bishops should have told Catholics that we can't vote pro-abortion.

Years ago the bishops should have excommunicated the pro-abortion Catholic politicians. Then we probably would not be in the fix we are in today.

You're also so right that we need to get to work right away and to speak up. Thank you for pointing out so many steps we can take.

I especially like your suggestion about starting a pro-life ministry in parishes that do not have one.

Your prayers to God for His grace, strength and love are wonderful and are prayers we all need to say.

As you suggest, we must recognize evil when we see it, and we must oppose it and foster goodness.

You are so right that we must not let Obama's speechifying mislead us. We must stick to our Faith and to our pro-life cause.

Thank you for writing! Please keep checking in here, and do make comments whenever you can.

God bless you and your family!

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