Feb 7, 2009

What "community organizing" really is

Many Catholics in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles still do not realize that some of our clergy imagine they are applying Catholic social teaching when they believe in, support and even sometimes engage in left-wing "community organizing" along with their lay-activist friends.

Clergy fellow-traveling with leftist pressure groups in Southern California has been going on for the past several decades. For an explanation of "community organizing," click on this post's title.

And for an explanation of the Left's version of social justice, go to:

Not all community organizing and social justice efforts are as bad as those described at the above two links. And obviously, it is wonderful to help everyone improve their financial circumstances. But trying to do that by left-wing ideology, agitation and propaganda is not right and will not work, so we Catholics need to be careful about what groups we join and support.


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