Apr 2, 2009

Letter from the Santa Rita Jail (by the Rev. Walter B. Hoye II, pro-life prisoner of conscience)

If you want to read a remarkable Christian and pro-life message, one you will remember all your days, be sure to go to the March 31, 2009, second entry at http://johnmalloysdb.blogspot.com/

There you will be able to click on and access a (pdf) letter that pro-life prisoner of conscience Rev. Walter B. Hoye II wrote from the Santa Rita Jail on March 26 in the midst of his 30-day sentence for refusing to submit to a judge's demand that he not sidewalk counsel for three years.

The Rev. Hoye is on a 40-day, juice-only fast.

Be sure to read this heartfelt and eloquent letter, and please be sure to spread it around widely. It deserves a place on every pro-life website in the USA and around the world.

And let's all be sure to pray every day for the author, the Rev. Walter B. Hoye II.


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