May 23, 2010

Archbishop Gomez's welcoming Mass is this Wednesday

The big day is almost here -- and by the way, I'm sorry for not posting for almost two weeks. Please forgive me, and I'll try to do much better.

Yes, the big day is almost here, the welcoming Mass for Archbishop Gomez. Have you seen Rocco Palmo's predictions about it (click on this post's title)?

Lots of info there, including this:

"The rite is rare: only twice before has an American cardinal ever welcomed the coadjutor who would succeed him... and only once since 1890 has it taken place on these shores."

Mr. Palmo predicts the Mass will be "Congress"-style but -- gasp! -- will have some Latin.

He says the Mass will be webstreamed. I'll try to find out where, or maybe you already know?

Our Lady, Queen of the Angels, pray for our Archdiocese, for Archbishop Gomez, for Cardinal Mahony and for all our bishops!


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