Jun 19, 2010

Bishops fret about "judgmental" blogspots

On June 3, our own Auxiliary Bishop Gabino Zavala, who heads our U.S. Bishops’ communications committee, addressed the annual Catholic Media Association convention.

His topic was, "What Does It Mean To be a Faithful Catholic Media Organization in the 21st Century?" (Click on this post's title.)

Bishop Zavala said:

"...I also do not think that we should...simply say that faithful Catholic media organizations are those who engage in apologetics to defend bishops at all costs. That is too simplistic and does not respect the intelligence of Catholics in North America. They deserve a Catholic media that takes a more nuanced perspective."

He also said:

"...I do not believe that faithful Catholic media organizations should present themselves as speaking for the Magisterium. Only the Magisterium can speak for the Magisterium. While this sounds self-evident, it bears saying because there appear to be some organizations who do not see this point."

But when the bishop said, "Only the Magisterium can speak for the Magisterium," did he mean that no one may ever quote from the Magisterium?

Seriously -- is it wrong for people to quote the Magisterium against, say, aborting babies, committing sodomy, giving pro-abortion politicians Communion?

And if you quote from the Magisterium, are you really presenting yourself "as speaking for the Magisterium?" Seriously -- are Catholics to act as if the Magisterium is not for them to know about and discuss and find of relevance to the Church and the world?

Bishop Zavala also said:

“There was consistent agreement [among the bishops] that one aspect that is most alarming to us about media is when it becomes unchristian and hurtful to individuals. For example, we are particularly concerned about blogs that engage in attacks and hurtful, judgmental language.

"We are very troubled by blogs and other elements of media that assume the role of Magisterium and judge others in the Church. Such actions shatter the communion of the Church that we hold so precious.”

Now, I'd like to think that in mentioning "blogs that engage in attacks and hurtful, judgmental language" and "blogs and other elements...that assume the role of Magisterium and judge others in the Church," Bishop Zavala was talking about all the dissenters who pour vitriol, name-calling, mockery and false charges upon pro-orthodoxy, pro-Latin Mass and pro-life Catholics.

After all, there is no one who makes attacks, uses hurtful language, judges others and confers infallibility upon themselves (but not upon the Pope) more than liberal Catholics do.

I'm sure the bishop knows that when pro-Tradition and pro-life Catholics carefully point out blatant problems and urge faithfulness to the Magisterium as the solution, that is not being "judgmental" or "shattering communion." To do those things is not to judge the state of anyone's soul; and it is seeking to repair unity that dissenters have shattered.

All Catholic bloggers need to pray, to seek the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and to proceed in charity, justice and truth.

God bless Bishop Zavala and all our bishops. We owe them obedience and love, and let's keep them all in our prayers. Amen!


Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

All things in charity, and I do the best to do that at my blog. I don't know of any blog that attacks the personage of anyone in the Church or poses itself as the Magisterium.

As I say being charitable doesn't always mean being nice. Calling a spade a spade is part of what we're supposed to do as Catholics.

For myself, I know that our Bishops can't be everywhere, that's why I do my blogs on the Liturgy, if my Bishop told me to not blog, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

11:50 AM  

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