May 6, 2005

Cardinal Spin?

"As I return [from Rome] to Los Angeles, filled with gratitude to God for this extraordinary spiritual experience, I plead with you, the Catholic People of Los Angeles, to join me in surrounding Pope Benedict XVI with our prayers, our love, our support, and our loving trust." And what about "OUR OBEDIENCE?"

By the way, at a post-conclave Mass I attended the other day in L.A., during the Eucharistic Prayer when normally the names of the Pope and Bishop would be mentioned, the priest made no mention of the Pope but did pray "for Roger, our bishop." This, I reiterate, took place after the election of Pope Benedict XVI.

I would not be at all surprised to find two bumper stickers on that priest's car: one that says, NOT MY PRESIDENT; and the other, NOT MY POPE.


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