May 8, 2005

A "homily" delivered by Deacon Rick Pomphrey and wife

In this Sunday Lenten homily, Deacon Rick Pomphrey and his wife, Ann, take turns preaching. Here is a mercifully brief excerpt from Mrs. Deacon's contribution to the somewhat lengthy homily:

"Many times I become so busy with, you know, what shoes do I wear with this, getting the right purse, um, busyness of going here, going there, doing this task, getting that task done, preparing for a meeting. All these things that are important, necessary. But I get so busy and, um, I mean, my PDA is busy from 8am to 7 or 8 at night. I'm sure all of yours are. Many of yours are. But in that busyness, I've lost my focus on really deepening my relationship with God."

Redemptionis Sacramentum

[64.] The homily, which is given in the course of the celebration of Holy Mass and is a part of the Liturgy itself,142 "should ordinarily be given by the Priest celebrant himself. He may entrust it to a concelebrating Priest or occasionally, according to circumstances, to a Deacon, but never to a layperson.143 In particular cases and for a just cause, the homily may even be given by a Bishop or a Priest who is present at the celebration but cannot concelebrate".144

[65.] It should be borne in mind that any previous norm that may have admitted non-ordained faithful to give the homily during the Eucharistic celebration is to be considered abrogated by the norm of canon 767 ยง1.145 This practice is reprobated, so that it cannot be permitted to attain the force of custom.

[66.] The prohibition of the admission of laypersons to preach within the Mass applies also to seminarians, students of theological disciplines, and those who have assumed the function of those known as "pastoral assistants"; nor is there to be any exception for any other kind of layperson, or group, or community, or association.146

In spite of these clear directives, Cardinal Mahony maintains that there are no liturgical abuses in L.A.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To think we continue to be surprised at what is forced upon us in this making of an entirely new church. Don't we know that it only gives lip service to the Roman Catholic Church?

To continue to sit quiet will only allow this other sort of a church grow. Will Rome finally step in to stop the destruction of dioceses and the loss of faith? Oh, I hope so.

9:11 AM  
Blogger Deacon Patrick Whaley said...

I listened to Deacon Rick's homily, I actually though it was excellent.

I thought that his wife's comments were honest and worthwhile. The parts of her homily that you mention do seem vain, but when listening to her homily as a whole it made quite a lot of sense.

Listen, I appreciate what you are saying about having a non-clergy person preaching at mass. I don't like it, but pastors and bishops seem to look the other way.

My question is, this homily was given back in Lent. Why is somebody wasting their time digging up old homilies to make a federal case about a deacons wife preaching at mass. With all the work that needs to be done in the world in ministering to others and in perfecting ourseleves and our relationship with Christ, let us worry about the big issues in the world and not petty one's like these.

I admit I am sensitive to criticisms of brother deacons and their wives. Deacon wives do indure quite a lot of struggles in the lives.

I am from Los Angeles originally. I was baptized @ St Brendans and went to Murphy Catholic. I appreciate the updates on the LA catholic scene.


2:57 PM  

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