May 13, 2005

L.A. preaching: Monsignor Timothy Dyer

"I like to remind people and myself that Jesus was not a priest. Did you know that? Jesus was not a priest. He was a layman. And in the Kingdom of Heaven there will be no titles. I will not be Monsignor in the Kingdom of Heaven. I'll just be Tim and that'll be just fine. There'll be no Doctors or Your Honor or ... they might keep the title "Mom." I can't imagine calling my mother anything but that, but, in the Kingdom of Heaven we will all be one."

Listen to his "homily" HERE.

This kind of talk is just goofy. I will give the Monsignor the benefit of the doubt and presume that his intentions are good, but really. Jesus is not a priest? Jesus was a layman?

Maybe what the Monsignor needs is a little theological updating. Perhaps he does not know that there was this little meeting of the Pope and the Bishops during the 1960's called Vatican II where the Eternal Priesthood of Jesus Christ was absolutely affirmed. Someone should suggest that the misguided reverend read
Lumen Gentium and Presbyterorum Ordinis, two very important documents of Vatican II.

But perhaps, though, even before he reads those documents, he can just crack open a Bible and read the
Letter to the Hebrews.

If that's too much homework, he can turn to the "Cliff Notes" version called the
Catechism of the Catholic Church, where he'll find the following explanation:

"The redemptive sacrifice of Christ is unique, accomplished once for all; yet it is made present in the Eucharistic sacrifice of the Church. The same is true of the one priesthood of Christ; it is made present through the ministerial priesthood without diminishing the uniqueness of Christ's priesthood: "Only Christ is the true priest, the others being only his ministers." [paragraph 1545]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listened to the entire homily. I just can't believe it. What seminary did this guy go to?

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Paul said...

"I'll just be Tim and that'll be enough."

Well, if Monsignor keeps giving homilies like this one, there just might be one less Tim in the Kingdom of heaven.

How could a priest say such nonsense? What kills me is the arrogance with which he tells the people, "Jesus wasn't a priets. Did you know that? Jesus wasn't a priest. He was a layman."

Where did he get such a stupid idea? Did anyone in the church fall off their pew? The whole thing is utterly scandalous.

Ultimately, the buck stops with the man in charge of that poor Archdiocese. I say the Pope should get him a paper pushing job in some Vatican cubicle and give the people of Los Angeles a real shepherd who will form good priests for the millions of unsuspecting Catholics that live out there.

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why I left the Archdiocese of LA.

Padre X

11:41 PM  

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