Jul 11, 2005

Happy feast day, Papa Benedict!

Today is the feast day of St. Benedict, the patron saint of our beloved Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI. Why did the former Cardinal Ratzinger choose the name "Benedict" upon being elected pope? At his first public audience he gave this answer:

Vatican, Apr. 27 (CWNews.com)

"Explaining his choice of the name "Benedict," the Pontiff referred to his predecessor Pope Benedict XV, "a true and courageous prophet of peace," who sought first to avert World War I and later to limit the slaughter. "In his footsteps I place my ministry, in the service of reconciliation and harmony," the Pope said.

"Next the Holy Father spoke the St. Benedict, the co-patron of Europe, and the founder of the religious order that "exercised an enormous influence on the spread of Christianity throughout the European continent." He stressed the importance of Europe's Christian patrimony, "which cannot be renounced," and asked for the intercession of St. Benedict to protect the Church and further her mission of evangelization."

Love the pope a lot! And keep him constantly in your prayers!


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More Benedict on Benedict, via Zenit.

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thank you.

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