Sep 6, 2005

O.C. bishop asks state assemblyman to heed wishes of voters

TIDINGS photo showing Bishop Soto (with microphone in hand) addressing a gathering protesting the death penalty.


Jaime Soto, auxiliary bishop for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, said he appealed to [Tom] Umberg [D-Anaheim], who is Catholic, to honor the wishes of the constituents in the 69th [State] Assembly District. In 2000, 70% of district voters supported Proposition 22, which defined marriage by statute as between a man and a woman.

"The Legislature, in a certain sense, is pandering to special interest groups and overriding the decision that California made several years ago," Soto said after speaking with Umberg. "It shows how Sacramento can be out of touch with the more pressing concerns of the state. Hopefully, he'll try to represent his district and not cave in to the more strident voices in the Democratic Party."

For full report, click HERE.

Appealing to the consensus of the constituency is certainly a valid approach, but not the only argument and certainly not the most convincing argument against sodomite "marriage." Why didn't Bishop Soto use this opportunity to give a clear explanation from reason as to why homosexual acts are against nature and how the redefinition of marriage so that it includes same-sex couples will ultimately destroy society?

Go HERE for an excellent article by Frederica Mathewes-Green which speaks precisely to these points.


Blogger CS said...

She has a good mind; I get so sick of, say, promoting the pro-life cause by simply trumpeting poll numbers. Gosh, I thought it was about principles.

9:30 PM  
Blogger CS said...

Excuse me, I meant to say 'people promoting...' I refuse to do it!

9:31 PM  

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