Oct 17, 2005

If only she had killed "it" just a little bit sooner ...

A newborn infant with umbilical cord still attached was found near a dumpster not far from the USC campus. Holy Ashcraft, 21, a coed at the University, is being held on suspicion of MURDER and CHILD ABUSE.

The irony is that if the baby had been killed sometime before birth or even during birth, this would not be considered a murder investigation.

Go to the KTLA news video report HERE.

One woman, commenting on the story, said:

"She could have dropped "it" off at any, like, fire station."


Anonymous Sock said...

Why did she wait so long?

Usually because her dreams of a future with Mr.Right turned sour. He’s little better than a dog in heat and has moved on to another wide eyed co-ed possibly impregnating her as well.

The child would remind Holly of the father and she doesn’t want to be reminded of that schmuck even though it means destroying her own flesh and blood.

Is it logical? Of course not.

I don’t excuse Holly and if she is found guilty she ought to be punished. However, to kill ones own child is an irrational act and, unless there is mental illness involved, there is a “reasonable” explanation for her irrationality and that is true for all women who seek abortions. Crisis pregnancy counseling addresses these kinds of cases and offers help to young pregnant women. Reasonable solutions and often material assistance are provided to help the expectant mother get through her crisis. Not only is the life of the baby preserved, the mental health and stability of the mother is preserved as well. Those who are familiar with post abortion stress syndrome know what I mean.

This was a time that Holly needed to talk to someone….anyone. Tragically, no one was there for her.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't buy Sock's logic. Even the erudite woman Quintero quotes at the end of his post knew that Holly could have dropped the child off at any fire station (or hospital). There's absolutely no excuse, regardless of the amount of support she may or may not have received, to have killed another person. BTW, it's been reported that Holly was investigated earlier in her college career for something similar. Apparently, she showed up at a hospital, and it was determined she'd recently given birth. No child was found, and she claimed she miscarried. I think we have a serial killer.

6:27 AM  

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