Nov 4, 2005

L.A. propaganda


"As the number of priests ministering to U.S. Catholics decreases, a majority of those polled for the Lifecycle Institute said they would find it at least somewhat acceptable to bring in priests from other countries or to share priests with other parishes. Among other options a majority of people said they found somewhat or very acceptable are having a lay parish administrator and visiting priests; merging nearby parishes into one; and sometimes having a Communion service instead of Mass."
Let's unpack this.

"As the number of priests ... decreases ..."

A future with fewer priests is fait accompli. The "gatekeepers" continue to screen out orthodox candidates for the priesthood and the seminaries continue under the same management which made them hell holes of heterodoxy and homosexuality.
It would be "somewhat acceptable" (that is, we don't really like this option) to "bring in priests from other countries."

Please, no alien priests, legal or illegal. They talk funny.
It would be "somewhat or very acceptable" to have a "lay parish administrator and visiting priests."

This is the "Mahony Plan." Put Sister Susie in charge of the parish and bring in Father "Lacky" Estrada for Mass until the Church wakes up and starts ordaining women.
A majority also found "having a communion service instead of Mass" as "somewhat or very acceptable."

We don't need Mass. Sister's communion service will do.
This is the endgame.

See my previous post: A 'church' made just for YOU!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

please explain this photo. it is most disturbing!!

6:46 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Anon 6:46 AM

Click on the link: A 'church' made just for YOU.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time to leave!

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Quo Vadis said...

The photo is probably Episcopalian.

So what then is your solution until a diocese can get back on its feet vocations wise?

I have had several foriegn priest either as pastor or as a priest who came on weekends. Some were very good. But a few did have a heavy accent, but they were all quite orthodox. Sometimes they are shocked at America's lack of respect for the Church and the unchecked materialism that can be seen here. But most were more pius and more orthodox overall than the American priests in my opinion. I would recruit the foriegn priests

I would support deacons as parish administrators. They could perform the baptisms and marriages as well as be responsible for other pastoral needs that priests normally do except they would have communion services where they would also preach.

I would also support shutting down parishes especially if they do not have a track record for producing deacons or seminary applicants. And you could count for these purposes those that are turned down. The laity needs to have at least some of the responsibility if the parish is not producing men interested in vocations.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Quo Vadis said...

Putting sister Susie in charge is conceding defeat but then that has been the Cardinal's plan all along. He is all about having women priest.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Quo Vadis said...

Well I followed the link to Tiding and behold the "changing face" is female. Every single one on the page as a matter of fact. As I said before I think there will be few if any PLDs that are men. Between this issue and his affinity for homosexual priests, it makes me wonder if the good Cardinal suffers a case of gender confusion.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tidings is running a whole series of articles to soften up the people for the coming face of the Church here in Los Angeles. They are a classic example of newspaper propaganda, with cheery stories of wonderful lay people stepping forward to lead us all to a "new vision of church", and replete with snappy photos of "dynamic" female "parish life directors" ministering to the flock.

Women, women everywhere! And poor Father cowering in the corner, waiting for his cue from "Sister Parish Life Director and Leader of the Community" to dispense the sacraments.

But will the cardinal revamp his Vocations Office and put real vocation directors in charge, not gatekeepers? And begin to really recruit manly men, and start ordaining the forty or fifty priests a year that we need here?
Will he call and request priests from the many countries where vocations are booming, to help him staff his parishes?
Will he insist that the Mass be offered according to the proper norms set down by the proper authorities in Rome?
We he clean up his atrocious Religious Education Congress, and sweep the heretics away who seem to have taken control of it?

Don't hold your breath.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

quo vadis,

my understanding is that the Cardinal has chosen NOT to request help from foreign priests, can anyone verify that? I would think the last thing he would want would be to have an influx of orthodox African priests that would rock the boat here in this hotbed of progressivism.

I for one have had enough and have started a letter-writing campaign. While I have no illusions, I owe it to my two young sons to do something. On that note, thanks again, Quintero, for all of your work.


10:24 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Thank you, Paul.

E-mail lots of people and tell them about LA Catholic.

10:32 AM  
Blogger Tito said...

Are they substituting kahlua for wine in the chalice?

1:53 PM  
Blogger bobnd said...

Having a woman in charge of a parish is like having a rabbit fetch a piece of lettuce. Look at what the women and bishop Lucker did in New Ulm. God won't let Mahony wreck it but whoever succeeds Mahony should be canonized a saint

8:29 PM  

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