Dec 21, 2005

Don't molest, "Downtown" tells coaches

The December 16 Tidings reports that the 4,500 paid and volunteer coaches in the Archdiocese's 216 elementary schools are undergoing mandatory training sessions for certification in "child protection procedures."

Lifescan fingerprinting is a prerequisite for the courses. Coaches learn that they should never: be alone with a student, give personal cell phone numbers to students, send non-sports-related e-mails to students, make inappropriate remarks, touch inappropriately or single out a student for friendship. The coaches also learn character education, safety and better coaching skills.

At the end of their training, the coaches receive a photo ID card that they must renew after two years through continuing education.

Do you suppose any of the sex education in the Archdiocesan school system constitutes "inappropriate remarks?"


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