Jan 6, 2006

Payouts could average "at least $1 million"

Today's LA Times says the Archdiocese of LA and lawyers for "about 45" of the alleged victims of sex abuse by clergy are getting close to agreement on payouts of at least $1 million in damages per claim. The Times says that figure could be "a tentative benchmark" for payouts in each of the rest of the cases still pending.

Don't look now, but the number of other cases still pending is at least 515.

The archdiocese's lead lawyer, J. Michael Hennigan, told the Times that he's optimistic about this settlement but "it's a long way from conclusion." Hennigan told the Times in 2004 that payouts in the 50 worst cases could be $5 million apiece.

The Times notes that last October Hennigan said Cardinal Mahony [who took over the archdiocese in 1985] at first had been "'overly optimistic' about therapeutic treatments and made some 'terrible mistakes' by ordering accused priests to counseling and then letting them back into the archdiocese."

Sadly, many in the U.S. hierarchy remain in denial that most cases of abuse by clergy involve homosexuals preying on teenagers. Bishops such as George Niederauer still claim men with lifelong homosexual attractions can make fine priests. Evidently nothing, but nothing, will make them admit the Church is right in saying homosexuals should not be ordained.

Not all homosexuals will molest, but why expose the flock to the risk? Studies show homosexuals are much more likely than heterosexuals to be molesters. Dr. Judith Reisman says homosexuals are 40 times more likely than heterosexuals to molest young people. And the Catechism (2357) says homosexual acts are "intrinsically disordered" and notes that Sacred Scripture regards them as "grave depravity."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"why expose the flock to such risk". Those that do, are not giving much thought to the flock. The flock is just not that important.Money maybe, but not the flock.

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