Feb 2, 2006

Pope speaks; when will we hear an echo?

Have you heard what our Supreme Pontiff, Benedict XVI, said last week? He told an Italian group, the Christian Associations of Catholic Workers, that "the PRIMARY duty" of people in public life is "the defense of life -- from conception to natural end -- WHEREVER it is threatened, violated or trampled." (my emphases)

Okay. Antonio Villaraigosa is in public life. Yet he's not only not defending life, he's attacking it; he's pro-abortion and proud of it. Same with so many other Catholic politicians in Southern California.

So: Has Cardinal Mahony echoed the Pope's words to these poltroons? Has he told them that they are shirking their PRIMARY duty? Not in public, at least. Maybe he has laryngitis. In that case he should seek the intercession of St. Blaise on his feast day, Friday, February 3, as should we all. San Blas, ruega por nosotros!

Cardinal Mahony certainly did not have laryngitis a few years ago when he called abortions "the pre-eminent moral and civil rights issue of our generation." Nor did he have laryngitis when, as Bishop of Stockton in 1984, he wrote a pastoral letter in which he compared pro-abortion politicians to Nazis.

So why has the Cardinal for many years been palling around with politicians of the kind he once likened to Nazis? If he is trying private persuasion on them, it is not working. 300,000 babies -- BABIES! -- are aborted every year in our state, and our tax dollars pay the abortionists for the killings of 100,000 of those infants each year.

The Pope says it is politicians' primary duty to defend life. How much a duty it is, then, for a cardinal to repeat those words to the politicians he knows!

Let us all keep praying and asking God for the light and the strength to fulfill the duties He gives each of us in our state in life. Amen!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy, you got Mahony ALL WRONG...

*It's reverse psychology!!!*

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the pontiff speaks of the "defense of life- from conception to natural end- wherever it is threatened, violated or trampled"...he must also be meant to mean not only abortion...but issues such as Catholic social teachings and Catholic just war doctrine. Certainly if Villaraigossa can be accused by you of attacking life via his pro choice stance......certainly there are many other politicians/public officials on the right and left that are attacking life via support for unjust wars and complete disregard for Catholic social teachings. How is it we never hear of those?......."conception to natural end" would seem to broaden the spectrum as to what could be considered an attack on life....well beyond the abortion issue. But, I suppose the right and the left have their platitudes they must hit...right? How about focusing a little more on charity, compassion etc. instead of just hurling negativity and hatred...which surely isn't keeping with the teachings of Christ. Meanwhile, I'll make sure not to immerse myself in LA's waters for fear they may be contaminated with traces of birth control pills,....you on the otherhand...keep fightin' them windmills.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Anonymous, It is a false and vile charge to say that asking a Catholic politician to stop backing the dismemberment of MILLIONS of BABIES, and begging his bishop to admonish him, is not focusing on "compassion and charity" and is "hurling negativity and hatred."

Letting politicians off the hook to continue supporting the killings of MILLIONS of BABIES, as you do, is NOT focusing on compassion and charity. And making false charges against people who speak in defense of the hlpless babies surely IS "hurling negativity and hatred."

This Holy Father and his predecessors of happy memory naturally decry all attacks on human life. Just as naturally, they also apply the Catholic principle of proportionality to those attacks.

Our U.S. bishops (even the late Cardinal Bernardin) have said that aborting tiny, helpless infants is the PRIMARY human rights and social justice priority. In their pro-life statements, our bishops even say that politicians who claim to be in line with the Church on social justice issues but are for aborting babies cast doubt on their own sincerity about the other issues.

Being anti-abortion is not a matter of "left and right." Catholics who support pro-abortion politicians always make lying charges against pro-lifers, claiming falsely that pro-lfiers are automatically for war and the death penalty and are against social spending.

And no, saving God's precious preborn babies and helping their moms is NOT "tilting at windmills"; it is stopping along the road to Jericho and helping the helpless whom the priests ignored and would not help.

9:10 PM  

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