Mar 27, 2006

"the bishop's primary duty"

Last November 5, Pope Benedict XVI received the Austrian bishops and spoke to them (click on this post's title) about what we should do in this time of secularization and loss of faith. Certain speakers at the upcoming Religious Education Congress in Anaheim ought to hear the Pontiff's words and take them to heart:

"There can be no doubt that what is needed is clear, courageous and enthusiastic witness to faith in Jesus Christ, Who is alive and present in His Church, and in Whom alone human beings find their true happiness...we must adopt 'missionary measures,' both great and small, in order to invert the current negative tendency."

The Holy Father continued, "It is the bishop's primary duty to bear witness to the faith. 'I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God,' said the Apostle Paul in Ephesus."

Then the Pope said these momentous words: "It is true that we must act delicately, but this must not prevent us from presenting the divine message clearly, even on those subjects that do not enjoy widespread approval, or that give rise to protest or even derision, especially in the field of the truth of faith and moral teaching...Catholic teaching presented incompletely is self-contradictory and cannot be fruitful in the long term."

Imagine a Religious Education Congress in which everyone present adopted these words as their own and then faithfully went out and acted on them! L.A. would become a different city.


Blogger Kenneth Fisher, Founder & CRCOA said...

I have a new question to pose.

Now that the Vatican is making overtures to drop Taiiwan and adopt Communist China in its place, where does that leave the Church's position on the "One Child tyranny and aborton of the Communist government of China?

All of these things we are writing about in the blog, are the reasons CRCOA will once again be prayerfully demonstrating this Saturday at the Archdiocesan Religious Education Congress. We are spending quite a lot on printing signs and tabloids, now we need the faithful to come out and help.

We will be demonstrating from 9:00 AM to around 6:00 PM just in front of the main Anaheim Convention Center entrances. all participants are asked to have a Rosary in their hands at all times.

Please, please, please come and stand up for the True Faith as opposed to what many will be teaching inside the Congress.

We also have mini recorders for those who want to go inside and monitor the speakers.

God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
Kenneth M. Fisher, Founder & Chairman
Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

11:43 PM  
Blogger Jared said...

If LA were transformed (from LA to the Los Angeles it was meant to be), Hollywood could be transformed. With Hollywood transformed, the world might just follow in transformation.

The entertainment industry is powerful for ill; it could be powerful for good as well.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are absolutely right. And it's a good thing you are there -- in Hollywood -- like leaven in the dough.

10:11 PM  
Blogger Kenneth Fisher, Founder & CRCOA said...

Jared, the beloved St. Padre Pio once had a real big wig from the motion picture industry visit him on a lark. But when Padre Pio called out during the Mass and said "there is someone here from an industry that could be doing so much good, but has done so much evil" this Producer broke out in tears and approached Padre Pio and was changed and has since made some great spiritual movies. By the way, it wasn't Mel Gibson, it was a famous Italian Producer.


Thanks for all you are doing to promote the prayerful demonstration tomorrow. Some of us intend to be there on Sunday as well, and we will make sure anyone else who joins us will have all the materials they need.

By the way, at last count, there were at least 40 definite heterodox speakers and many more questionable ones.

At this kind of Congress, ONE SUCH SPEAKER IS TOO MANY!

Are Our Lord and His Mother asking you to come and prayerfully demonstrate at the REC tomorrow anywhere from 9:00 AM until roughly 6:00 PM when the modernistic Mass complete with dancing girls begins?

Pleae come and join CRCOA tomorrow, we have plenty of literature and signs for those who do come. The more spiritual volunteers we have, the more we can put the truth into the hands of those who are ORDERED
to attend this Dissenter fest.

Pray that it does not rain; but if it does, the heresy does not stop so neither should Their true children. Come rain or shine, CRCOA will be there. Will you?

Kenneth M. Fisher, Founder & Chairman, Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

4:53 PM  

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