Apr 27, 2006

93-yr.-old prays at abortion business; what is our excuse?

The April edition of the excellent independent lay Catholic newspaper San Diego News Notes (click on this post's title; note that the file is a pdf) carries a photo of Priests for Life's Father Giacomo Capoverdi at a pro-life prayer vigil in February outside an abortion business in Chula Vista with St. Rose of Lima parishioner Julia Fiumara, age 93.

This poses a question for each of us, and it is a simple but blunt one: If 93-year-old grandmas are going out in public to pray and to help moms and save babies, what is my excuse?

Even if we just go once in a while, we should each have the courage, and the love, to go out with our fellow pro-lifers to the local Calvary where Jesus is being crucified all over again and again. Our presence and our prayers make a difference. And we should invite our pastors, assistant priests, deacons and religious brothers and sisters to come along with us.

Never go alone, though; go with experienced pro-lifers, so you will each have a witness in case any abortion business's deathscorts make false claims against you. Take some holy water, too, and wear your St. Benedict medal. So many preborn Angelenos and their moms need our help!


Anonymous Barbara said...

I prayed at an abortuary for the first time, in San Diego. Definitely, do not go alone. We heard lots of abusive comments from passers-by on foot and in cars.

However, the day I went, a young lady decided against having an abortion!!! Please pray for Amanda, and her boyfriend Sean.

8:09 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Barbara,

Good for you, for going out to pray at an abortuary! God reward you and your friends.

And thank you for the wonderful news about the baby saved. Laus tibi, Domine / Praise to You, O Lord.

Let's all pray hard for Amanda and Sean and their baby. Hope they are in touch with the local pro-lifers who can help them out.

9:10 PM  

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