Jul 7, 2006

Save the Mount Soledad Cross!

As we all know, the Cross of Jesus Christ is under attack from many sources these days, and it is our duty, privilege and joy as Catholics to defend it everywhere we can.

One way we can do that is to defend the war memorial Mount Soledad Cross in the San Diego area from the secularists and judges who are violating our Nation's legal history by demanding its destruction. The Thomas More Law Society (click on this post's title) is doing a great job of defending it. So are the local Catholics who keep a Rosary vigil at the foot of the Cross.

Pro-life Catholic activist Sue Lopez notes, in comments relayed by fellow pro-life Catholic activist Allyson Smith, that Mount Soledad is named for Nuestra Senora de Soledad, Our Lady of Solitude. Let us invoke Her intercession in defense of the Cross and for the enlightenment and conversion of all of the enemies of the Church.

A great step toward protecting the Cross would be a statement in its favor by all the Bishops of California, especially if they held a press conference under the Cross and prayed the Rosary there, too. That is not in the cards, but it ought to be.

Yes, ole Quintero knows he is always thinking up stuff for the Bishops to do; but you have to admit it would be a more Catholic California if they would actually do these things, not to mention a livelier California, too. Anyway, do visit the Thomas More Law Society page!


Blogger Kenneth Fisher, Founder & CRCOA said...


For the California Bishops to so what you suggest would require them to go against their Demoncrat friends and their Judicial appointees, but miracles do happen. Let us pray for that.

We are now well over 2200 signatures on the petition to support the silenced Fr. Robert Altier. Keep the petitions and prayers coming. I expect to go back East to present them to Cardinal Arinze!

To sign the petition, go to: crcoa.com.

Kenneth M. Fisher

1:43 PM  

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