Sep 5, 2006

EXTRA! - Cardinal Mahony admits preborn not his priority! - EXTRA!

It has been obvious all along in his two decades as Archbishop of Los Angeles, but yesterday, Sept. 4, Labor Day and the 225th birthday of Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger Mahony finally admitted it: Abortion-targeted preborn babies and their right to life are NOT his priority.

The L.A. Times today says (click on this post's title) that at Mass in his $200 million cathedral yesterday, Cardinal Mahony intoned, "I say to the members of Congress, you do not have the right or luxury to let four weeks go by and refuse to deal with immigration reform. On Nov. 7, I'm not voting for anybody for Congress who is not supporting the legislation that we need."

There you have it. Illegal aliens are Roger's No. 1 issue. The Popes say Catholics must make abortion our No. 1 issue, but not Roger. He gives himself, and by extension us, permission (in his mind) to vote for all the pro-abortion politicians who also happen to be pro-illegal alien.

Notice, by the way, that just last night ole Q here pointed out that the babies are off the radar screen of people such as those who put out The Tidings. Was I right, or what?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Q: Correct as usual.

This man's priorities are ... well, I don't want to be "judgmental" ... but this statements betrays the fact that they are NOT in line with the Magisterium of the Church. Immigration is a prudential matter, with a balance of rights on each side (the nation, its current citizens and lawmakers vs. those who would immigrate--legally or illegally). In short, it is not a clear-cut black and white matter.

Abortion is ALWAYS wrong. ALWAYS.

Add to that the fact that, without a true defense of the right to live, any form of immigration "reform" is MEANINGLESS.


12:51 PM  
Anonymous Jack Clough said...


Yes, you were right! However, before you pat yourself on the back too much, stop and think about it - it was pretty much a sure thing, wasn't it? - like betting the sun will come up tomorrow morning.

Fortunately, when it comes to immigration, the majority do not take Mahony seriously. Over 70% of his flock are Hispanic (and God knows how many are illegal).

Mother Teresa fought abortion a "zillion" times harder than Mahony ever did, or sadly, ever will.

Yes, Mahoney is an embarrassment.

Finally, I will pat you on the back (and real hard, too) for the good work you do. Keep it up! This side needs to be heard...loudly and often!

12:55 PM  
Blogger Tito said...

Cardinal Mahony is anathema.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Father G said...

I wish to thank Tito for proving my point about unjust crticism and deriding bishops. "Anathema" is a very serious charge and should not be thrown around lightly. The only one qualified to pronounce an anathema on Cardinal Mahony is the occupant of the Chair of St. Peter.

Hmmmmmm....could Tito be Pope Benedict XVI in disguise?

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe he is. Are you Mahony in disguise?

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Father G said...

Dear Jehu,
I wish I were as great a Churchman as Cardinal Mahony. He was well-regarded by Pope John Paul the Great and is held in high esteem by Pope Benedict XVI. Like all great Churchmen, though, he suffers insult at the hands of lesser minds and hearts.

I am quite thankful that I don't have the cares and worries that Cardinal Mahony and all other bishops must carry. We must pray for all of them, especially asking the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Church, and of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church.

3:39 PM  
Anonymous jones said...

"I wish I were as great a Churchman as Cardinal Mahony."

Do you prefer the grape or cherry kool aid!

4:33 PM  
Anonymous DAve said...

$20 sez Mahony in disguise

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

father g, where are you from? What exactly do you mean that Mahoney is a great churchman? If he was regarded so well by JPII, why did he call him hollywood?

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's true, JP2 did refer to him as such ... decidedly NOT a compliment.


8:54 PM  
Anonymous Kenneth Fisher, Founder & Chrm. CRCOA said...

You all are doing a great job on this one, I don't even need to comment, thanks.

Fr.g, another question: If your Bishop ordered you to kill another person, would you feel morally bound to obey?

By trying to defend Mahony, you are in some way doing just that.

By the way, I knew two great Bishops that wanted nothing to do with Mahony. How do I know that, well they personally told me so. They were and are from Heaven CRCOA Spiritual Advisors!

I hope you answered my other questions in an earlier blog!

God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
Kenneth M. Fisher

Kenneth M. Fisher

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Kenneth Fisher, Founder & Chrm. CRCOA said...

Additional comment,

Fr. g, by defending Neiderauer's actions and in some ways Mahony's you are helping them to kill not the body which will not last forever, but the souls of these innocents which does last forever.

We are praying for you fr.g.

Kenneth M. Fisher

9:37 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Reverend and Dear Father G,

You are right to remind us all to pray for Cardinal Mahony and all our bishops. It is good that we get to do so in Mass, for instance.

Thank you, too, for reminding us all to seek the intercession of Our Lady and St. Joseph for our superiors in the hierarchy.

We all need each other's prayers very much.

By the way, I have tried to be careful not to insult the Cardinal. I do not believe, though, that quoting his own words is insulting him, nor could it constitute unjust criticism.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Father G said...

When Pope John Paul II visited Los Angeles in September, 1987, he was flown by helicopter to many of the venues where he was scheduled to appear. He took note of the Hollywood sign while flying from downtown Los Angeles to Universal City. Knowing that Cardinal Mahony was born in Hollywood and because he was taken with the prominence of the Holywood sign, he would always recountt that special time by saying, "Hollywood" in his heavy Polish accent whenever he would greet Cardinal Mahony after that. It was always meant to be an expression of endearment for the cardinal as well as for Los Angeles.

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Father G said...

I appreciate your efforts to be respectful even when disagreeing. We must all adhere to St. Augustine's famous maxim: "In essential things, unity; in non-essential things, diversity; in all things, charity." I hope I have been faithful to these wise sentiments in my posts.

10:53 PM  
Blogger Tito said...

Father G,

I am no authority on Church matters. If I were part of the archdiocese of LA I would approach the Cardinal and engage him on his many 'interesting' pursuits as Archbishop.

Yes, it is a serious charge and I do take the time to contemplate and reflect on this.

I wanted to say that for over a year now, but discernment was in order.

After reading his 'disertation' on the presence of Christ in the Eucharist, reading his many homilys', reading the LA Times and the coverage of Mayor Villagairosa's inaugural Mass, reading his praise of the closing of the only seminary in America's largest archdiocese, the promotion of women priests, the liturgical abuse of the Mass, the syncretism he promotes and his disdain for practicing Catholics, NO SIR, I did not come to this decision in such a flippant way.

That is why I only called him out as 'anathema' to get my one and only point across.

I do pray for the Cardinal that the Millstone that is waiting for him doesn't reach his neck.

12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

father g,

You never did answer my question about what you meant by Mahoney being a great churchman. If I would use this term to describe someone, I would mean that he stood by all that the Church teaches, not just the teachings he deems correct.

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Father G said...

Dear Jehu,
There are many in the American hierarchy that I consider to be, or to have been, great Churchmen and all of them have been controversial at one time or another.

The late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, the greatest American preacher of his time; the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, a great healer and reconciler; Archbishop John R. Quinn, the brightest of of the U.S. Bishops; the late Cardinal John O'Connor, greatest champion of the unborn; Cardinal Sean O'Malley, another healer and reconciler; Cardinal Roger Mahony, champion of the "outsiders" in our society; Archbishop Charles Chaput, promoter of good theology and religious education; and the list can go on.

In each case, I believe that the Churchman was great for incorporating one main element of the example of Jesus into his ministry. They all had their failings, to be sure, but this does not diminish their greatness.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fr. g.: Not everyone posting as "anonymous" is me. Someone else posted that last one, for instance.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

father g,

How do you think Jesus would have handled the sex abuse scandal? Do you think He would have given no thought about the victims and coddled the criminals? The only person Mahoney champions is himself.

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Father G said...

Dear Jehu,
My apologies for the mistaken identity.

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Father G said...

Again, I will respectfully decline to answer hypothetical questions, especially ones that are so loaded with erroneous presuppositions.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said tito.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Father G said...

Dear Tito,
My sole point to you was that, no matter what you think of Cardinal Mahony, your offense--usurping the prerogatives of the Supreme Pontiff--is far more serious than any complaint you have about the cardinal.

11:16 AM  
Blogger Tito said...

Father G,

Are you inferring that I violated canonical law?

If not, then I'm correct in my statement.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To say that Cardinal Bernadin was a great churchman---well read "The Rite of Sodomy" and see what facts might show.

As to the Cardinal in LA--he has decimated the Church there!!! I cannot wait for him to retire.
He is not called the 'teflon cardinal' for nothing for his high priced attorneys have kept him out of jail. But perhaps the civil authorities will catch up to him before 2011. I hope so. Time to clear out the rot. And what aobut the more than 500 abuse cases waiting for justice?

That cardinal is a wolf in shepherd's clothing! I think he is a terrible man. The damage he has inflicted will take many years to undo.

So many souls lost to the faith. So many who do not know the faith.
Sure go to the media and champion the pro-abort politicians and continue the scandal.

May he come to repentance.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Kenneth Fisher, Founder & Chrm. CRCOA said...

father g,

Please don't insult our intelligence by putting the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen, and Archbishop Charles Chaput, OFM, Cap. in the same boat as the others you mentioned.

Now I know you are a very sincere but mixed up priest.

God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
Kenneth M. Fisher

10:21 PM  
Blogger Tito said...

OK, after careful review when I said Cardinal Mahony is 'anathema' I was incorrect, but not wrong. Or something like that.

Basically, only a council called by the Pope can proclaim anyone 'anathema'.

So by the Council of Tito henceforth not necessarily proclaimed by Pope BXVI Cardinal Mahony is ....

Mahony is a disgrace to the name of Catholicism.

7:41 PM  

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