Aug 26, 2006

Santa Rosa Bishop Daniel Walsh might face jail. D.A. to decide what went down.

As we know, the feast day of Santa Rosa de Lima (1586-1617) was just this past week, August 23. As we also know, she is the patroness of the Diocese of Santa Rosa here in California.

Today, August 26, the San Francisco Chronicle reports (click on this post's title) that "the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office has recommended criminal charges be filed against Santa Rosa Bishop Daniel Walsh for failing to timely report evidence of [homo]sexual abuse by a Sonoma priest [Fr. Xavier Ochoa, 68] who has since fled the country." Now the Sonoma County D.A. must decide whether to bring the charges against Bishop Walsh, who has already said that if he were to be found guilty, he would accept whatever punishment would be meted out.

It has come to this.

Santa Rosa de Lima, ruega por nosotros! Saint Rose of Lima, pray for us!
Incidentally, the beautiful image of Santa Rosa above is from the Patron Saints Index at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a member of Bishop Walsh's former Diocese, I think he should be punished.
While he was the Bishop of Las Vegas, Daniel Walsh was strict with the priests and parishes. He should get what he deserves. He had the ability to do something and failed his diocese.
A Parishoner form St. Joseph,Husband of Mary R.C.Church
Las Vegas, Nevada

10:41 AM  

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