Sep 28, 2006

"I'm a human being" and Oct. 1, Life Chain Sunday

Okay, I was extra-busy today and did not hear anything on radio or TV about the scheduled protest and "civil disobedience" at Century Boulevard near LAX during this morning's rush hour. Nor did I drive anywhere near the whole area.

So far tonight, the L.A. Times and other local news sites only have a story (click on this post's title) that was written before the event.

One thing in that story struck me, though: Some of the people who planned to get arrested were going to wear signs that said, "I'm a human being."

Now, if only they, and our clergy and hierarchy and everyone, would apply those words to preborn babies: "I'M A HUMAN BEING!"

And if only we would all put those words on picket signs along with pictures of the babies in the womb, and then go by the hundreds and the thousands to pray and picket and sidewalk counsel at the abortion mills, we could save so many babies and help so many moms!

Probably you already do something like this, or you have done it in the past, so congratulations and please keep up the good work. We have a chance to do something this Sunday, Oct. 1.

National Life Chain will line sidewalks all around our Archdiocese and in more than 1,200 North American cities and towns this Sunday afternoon, October 1, 2:30 – 3:30 in each time zone.

For the time, location and contact person in each city, see

Committed to the sanctity of human life, participants will stand silently and pray, while holding signs that include Abortion Kills Children; Adoption: The Loving Option; Lord, Forgive Us and Our Nation; Abortion Hurts Women; and Jesus Forgives and Heals.

A great way to spend an hour this Sunday afternoon, no?


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