Dec 24, 2006

New York Times today praises Cardinal Mahony

The long cover story by one David Rieff in today's Sunday New York Times Magazine (click on this post's title), entitled on the print edition's cover, "The Hispanicization of American Catholicism," and on the article's first page, "Nuevo Catholics," surveys socio-religious matters in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and spends a lot of time praising Cardinal Roger Mahony.

Articles do not just happen, so it is fair to wonder who engineered this one. Which politically and economically connected friends of the Cardinal helped get it written and published?

To give you an idea of the article's smarmy tone toward the Cardinal, at one point it calls him, "Tall, slender and economical of movement."

The article does contain some good information on some of the history and present state of Hispanics in the Archdiocese. But, as you might expect, it does not mention the many abortion businesses that prey on impoverished immigrant moms and kill their babies for money.

Nor does it mention the Cardinal's friendship with many Hispanic and other abortion-facilitating politicians, a friendship that directly harms the Hispanics whom the Cardinal is said to defend.

And the article does not mention Hispanics for Life, Los Angeles Pregancy Services (L.A.P.S.) and other pro-life groups who directly help Hispanic Catholics by saving their babies, helping poor families and promoting, explaining and defending everyone's God-given right to life.

The writer Rieff closes by asking whether "an increasingly conservative hierarchy, both in Rome and in" the USA, will let the U.S. Church stand "in solidarity with the poor."

That, Rieff says, would signal the U.S. Church's "rebirth, " instead of "a false dawn."

How can Rieff, and for that matter the Cardinal and all who do not make an all-out effort to fight abortion and pro-abortion politicians, claim they are "in solidarity with the poor" when they let abortionists attack poor people and when they encourage poor people to vote pro-abortion?


Anonymous Fr. Savanarola said...


Don't you know that 'solidarity with the poor' means the mindless embrace of each and every left-wing social program that comes down the pike?

3:15 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Reverend and Dear Father Savanarola,

Yes, and to what you've said I would only add the word "trendy":

"...the mindless embrace of each and every TRENDY left-wing social program..."

The poorest, most marginalized and definitely most forgotten sheep in liberal bishops' and pastors'
flocks are those not yet born.

God bless you and your flock this Christmas and every day.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Dad29 said...

Perhaps the article mentioned JPII's comment that 'nations have the right to regulate immigration...'?

Interesting that Mahony's spin-machine is creating a false dichotomy: "an increasingly conservative hierarchy, both in Rome and in" the USA, will let the U.S. Church stand "in solidarity with the poor." which false dichotomy smears 'Roman' and 'US' "conservatives.."

Is this the counter-propaganda he needs to offset the homosexual-predator problem?

7:25 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Dad29,

You are exactly right in identifyimg that sickening smear and in characterizing it as counter-propaganda from the Cardinal's friends' spin machine.

They would have everyone believe that to oppose the Cardinal on anything is to oppose poor people.

11:58 AM  

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