Feb 10, 2007

Archbishop, priests flock to funeral of pro-abortion politician

Much of California's liberal Catholic clerical establishment yesterday joined a flood of pro-abortion politicians in turning out for the funeral of notorious pro-abortion Catholic politician Leo Tarcisius McCarthy, 76, at St. Ignatius Church on the campus of the U. of San Francisco.

Archbishop George Niederauer of San Francisco and "more than two dozen other clergymen" accompanied principal celebrant Fr. Stephen Privett, S.J., president of USF, at the Mass.

Some years ago, USF let Mr. McCarthy establish a center, named for himself, on campus.

Fr. Privett, said the San Francisco Chronicle (click on this post's title), praised Mr. McCarthy as "a good and decent man...who served the entire good of all for his entire political life."

The good of all, that is, except the millions of preborn babies who died in the abortions Mr. McCarthy facilitated during his bloody and sordid career.

The Catholic San Francisco of Oct. 10, 2003, said that when Mr. McCarthy ran for the U.S. Senate in 1992, "abortion was a prominent feature of his platform." The paper noted that "According to the Los Angeles Times, he promised to write the Roe v. Wade ruling into law, support Medicaid funding of abortion and push for the distribution of the RU-486 abortion pill."

Obviously the clerics should not have praised Mr. McCarthy. After all, the Catholic Church, whose teachings these clerics are supposed to profess and proclaim, calls abortions "an unspeakable crime" and notes that every abortion takes an innocent human life.

To praise Mr. McCarthy, and to allow him a Catholic funeral in the first place, is to spit on every aborted baby, to publicly disrespect Catholic teaching on the sanctity of human life and to mislead the Catholic faithful and the general public into thinking abortions are not wrong.

But then, the liberal Catholc clerical establishment has never met a pro-abortion politician it didn't like.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same words about 'all the good" the pro-abortion person did sounds like what was said about that politician in Buffalo that the deacon had the courage to address at Mass.

I recommend Judie Brown's book :Saving those Damned Catholics. She addresses the issue of the bishops not only NOT standing up to cocfront evil but actually cooperating with it and those involved. They do so openly and blatantly and with impunity--as though God does not see.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Anonymous 8:35 a.m.,

Thanks for recommending Judie Brown's new book. That's a good point, that some bishops not only do not confront evil, they cooperate with it.

To utter glowing words for politicians complicit in the killings of millions of preborn babies is to cooperate with evil.

8:12 PM  

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