Apr 10, 2007

Assembly Dems post Skelton's anti-Catholic column!

Did you see L.A. Times columnist George Skelton's ugly attack of April 5, Holy Thursday, on Cardinal Mahony, our Church itself and Catholic pro-life doctrine against euthanasia?

Guess what? The Democrats in our California State Assembly have posted that heinous anti-Catholic column on their official state government web site (click on this post's title).

That is outright government persecution of you and me and our Holy Faith. This is an outrage.

But will this Democrat anti-Catholic, anti-life atrocity teach our hierarchy and clergy anything?

After all, the majority of them have always voted Democrat.

But maybe now some of them will follow the lead of Monsignor John Moretta of Resurrection Parish in Boyle Heights ("El Boy-le," many people call that city).

Skelton's April 5 column slammed Monsignor Moretta for talking back to Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. After some of his parishioners confronted Nunez in a restaurant over his co-sponsorship of the death-by-doctor bill AB374, the monsignor wrote Nunez, "You are attaching your name forever to death," and called it "a bunch of bull" to object "separation of church and state" when the Church speaks in defense of everyone's right to life.

Our Democrat-loving hierarchy and clergy should drop their blinders and admit that when they cooperate with, and let themselves be used by, the anti-Catholic, anti-life politicians, this is the reward they get: A kick in the teeth, and persecution of their flock.


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