Mar 31, 2007

Vaccinate your children -- not against HPV, but against anti-Catholic teachers and profs!

We must all strongly oppose the totalitarian, evil and insane impulse of politicians, bureaucrats and government school functionaries to disregard parents' God-given authority and force little grade school girls to submit to faddish anti-venereal disease shots.

But that latest instance of liberal-totalitarian culture-of-death mania brings to mind some truly essential vaccinations that we really can use to help our children through life, even to the extent of helping to save their immortal souls.

Those indispensable inoculations are the ones in which wise Catholic parents teach their children the genuine Faith -- and in which these wise Catholic parents warn their children, before they enter grade school, high school and college, and all during those years, that:

  • Other people, including teachers and professors, do not always believe as we do;
  • More than a few teachers and profs are anti-Catholic and try to undermine kids' faith;
  • More than a few teachers in Catholic schools are dissenters and try to subvert kids' faith;
  • Some in schools belong to the sects and love to get Catholic students to apostasize;
  • Students owe teachers and profs courtesy, but not automatic credence;
  • That a student can't refute an anti-Catholic argument does not mean there is no answer;
  • Students can find the answers from their parents, pastors or Catholic apologetics experts;
  • Students should always give the Church, not any teacher or prof, the benefit of the doubt;
  • None of us should ever let anyone separate us from the love of Christ and His Church.

Do these things and you will arm your children forever in defense of their Faith and their immortal souls. My beloved parents did. Deo gratias.


Anonymous DAve said...

Hey Q

Knowing LAUSD the way we do we need to really flesh out this idea of a guide to staying pious in the meatgrinder of (especially public) school. What you have here dovetails nicely into a Christian/Catholic student bill of rights... let's pursue this further-


11:28 PM  
Anonymous DAve said...

By which I mean to say that official LAUSD policy is that Christianity is a hate religion based on its position on homosexuality.

Likewise my experience is that when school districts attempt to get rid of blatantly inadequate gay or lesbian teachers the threat of GLAAD involvement is sufficient to put a stop to it.

In one district i worked at one lesbian teacher actually had a pink triangle in the window next to her classroom door. Advertising her sexuality to children. Can you imagine if a heterosexual tried something like that?

12:15 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Hi, Dave,

Thanks for the input. Yes, the homosexual agenda is another and huge danger in the schools.

You are right to call schools a meatgrinder, too.

4:59 PM  

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