May 19, 2007

Archbishop Niederauer and pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi at USF graduation

This year's graduation ceremony today at the University of San Francisco -- Father Stephen Privett, S.J., president -- must have been a real liberal love-fest.

Love, that is, for Catholic pro-abortion politicians -- definitely not for preborn babies targeted by the abortionists whom those politicians fund, protect and praise.

Judge for yourself. Go to the USF website's bragging (click on this post's title) about their having pro-abortion House Speaker Nancy Pelosi give the commencement speech and about them giving honorary degrees to the late pro-abortion Leo McCarthy, to Kerry Kennedy of Amnesty International -- and (drum roll) to Archbishop George Niederauer of San Francisco.

Now go to the website of the Cardinal Newman Society, the Catholic watchdog group that fights just such abuses as USF's. As the saying goes, "Can you spot the difference?"

If Archbishop Niederauer, Father Privett or anyone else today said anything anti-abortion, you will hear about it here. But the odds are that that did not happen.

Looks as if our liberal hierarchy and clergy will never get over their sick love affair with pro-abortion politicians -- a love affair that causes them to abandon preborn babies to being aborted.


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