May 7, 2007

Once again

Did you go to Mass at the Cathedral yesterday (Sunday)? (I did not.)

Cardinal Mahony held a Mass of post-MacArthur Park reconciliation there.

That was nice, but: In a photo in today's Los Angeles Times, right beside the Cardinal was our photo-opportunitying pro-abortion alcalde (mayor), Antonio Villaraigosa.

So: Imagine a Cardinal or Archbishop so devoted to saving the lives of preborn babies that he would say this to the local pro-abortion politicians:

"Oye (listen), stay away from our churches, and your political photo opportunities there, until you repent, reform and become actively pro-life. Until then, no more business as usual! And if you really want to help newcomers to this country, save them from abortion and contraception! I am serious, and Almighty God is serious, about the lives of His little ones."

Well, we can dream, can't we?


Blogger Sparki said...

Hi, can you help me out? I have to be in Santa Monica for work beginning on Saturday. My hotel is fairly close to both St. Monica and St. Anne parishes. Which should I attend for Sunday Mass? I'm from the Diocese of Lincoln, so I imagine either one could be quite different from what I'm used to back home.


1:05 PM  
Blogger JohnPaulFutbol said...

I wouldn't attend St. Monica's...unless you are into liturgical dancing, guitar masses....and cantors who think they are entertainers. Although the church itself is a nice building.....except for the fact that the tabernacle isn't in the sanctuary. Not a very orthodox parish. Not sure about St. Anne's...but can't imagine it being any worse. It might be worth it to drive to St. Victor's in West Hollywood.....about a 15-25 minute drive on Sunday mornings, as they are fairly orthodox doctrinally and least as far as Novus Ordo parishes go.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Sparki,

I'm not familiar with St. Anne's, but I'd give it a try! Hope your stay in Santa Monica is very nice.

Your Bishop and diocese in Lincoln sure sound nice. Glad for you.

10:36 PM  
Blogger Sparki said...


St. Monica's tabernacle isn't in the sanctuary? At all?!?!?! So there's no reason to genuflect then?!?!?!? How very odd.

JohnPaul, thanks for the tip, but I won't have a car to drive to West Hollywood. I'll have to walk. I guess I will try for St. Anne's.

Yes, Quintero, we are very blessed in Lincoln. Our bishop is very orthodox, but in a grandfatherly way. He's Wisconsin-born-and-bred, really down to earth and not at all intimidating when you meet him. And such joy! Plus he is such a good shepherd for all our priests.

7:57 AM  

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