May 5, 2007

Cardinal calls for "legalization immunity"

In a statement (click on this post's title) on the Archdiocesan web site about the LAPD's forcible dispersal of the Gran Marcha rally at MacArthur Park on May 1, Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles has urged authorities at every level to:

“...please grant full legal immigration immunity to those who may have been directly affected by the police actions, but who are afraid to come forward and give their testimony in fear of being turned over to immigration authorities.”

Far lefties were on the scene. But Cardinal Mahony questions whether anyone in the crowd really provoked anything. He says:

"Like most Angelinos [sic], I have been watching innumerable television images of the aftermath of a peaceful and orderly pro-immigrant march and rally on the afternoon of May 1st. I was a member of the march from Vermont and 3rd Streets to the MacArthur Park, and I was privileged to address the people present. Even if a small group of people caused trouble..."

The Cardinal calls for finding out who must bear "the blame and responsibility," but he does not explicitly call for apprehending crowd members who might have committed violence against the police. Fifteen or so policemen were injured; someone did that to them.

Quintero knows well the past record of LAPD brutality against pro-lifers, including outright TORTURE with nunchuks -- they called it "PAIN COMPLIANCE" -- and other civilians.

I am not going to characterize what happened in MacArthur Park, or say whether the police were right or wrong; and that is not the purpose of this post.

But now that the Cardinal has called for immunity for illegal aliens who witnessed the goings on in MacArthur Park, it would be just if he also addressed authorities and called for immunity from BEING ABORTED for all the preborn babies in this Archdiocese and throughout our USA.

When is the Cardinal going to call us all to public rallies for protection for preborn babies and their God-given, inalienable right to life? A Mass in the cathedral once a year is not enough. Suggested theme for the rallies: "Justicia por los bebes!" -- "Justice for the babies!"


Blogger Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Quintero, Mahony's bluster is just another vain attempt at regaining the political influence he's rapidly (and deservedly) losing in this city.

Then again, the bishops' entire attitude toward illegal immigrants is nothing but a means to get and maintain political influence -- not just in the U.S. but in Europe, where the immigrants in question aren't from Mexico and Central America but from the Muslim world. It also reflects the bishops' tendency to confuse compassion with indulgence.

See the following article that I wrote:

Here's another question: Why aren't Mahony and his "brother bishops" not only standing up for the unborn but also for black Christians in the Sudan who are the targets of genocide and Middle Eastern Christians who are the targets of Islam? Here's an interesting comment from a fellow Catholic on the Jihad Watch site:

I have been to a number of human rights events in Washington DC calling attention to the plight of Christian minorities in various parts of the Islamic world. I have yet to meet a Catholic priest at one of these events. Yes, I know that they are busy, but I have seen them at events concerning issues in Latin America. I also believe that the Vatican has left in place for much too long clergy such as Michel Sabbah in Jerusalem. He seemingly has never heard of a Hamas politician or act of terrorism that he will condemn. Unfortunately, he is not alone. There are a number of high placed Catholic clergy throughout the Muslim world who seem to go out of their way to side with the Islamists. I know it is a tough issue, but some plain speaking about the truth of certain situations would go a long way for the lay people if the clergy acted a shepherds and not cringing mice.

Quintero, it is to weep. Truly.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Joseph,

Thanks for the link to your article from last November. Your many facts and quotes include this central one:

“While Western Europe is turning Muslim, its Christian churches are committing suicide,” wrote The Brussels Journal’s Paul Belien in May.

Essentially, all liberal Catholics are trying to kill off the Church and to embrace her enemies: Down with the Mass of the Ages, down with the priesthood, undermine the Papacy, close the seminaries, wreckovate or destroy or sell or close traditional churches, eliminate Latin, mock all the doctrines, distort our mission into politics instead of saving souls, twist and dumb down catechetics so kids will lose the Faith, and side with homosexual agitation and with fornicating, aborting babies, contracepting, sterilizing and euthanizing.

5:17 PM  

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