May 22, 2007

What about the clergy and hierarchy who enable and affirm pro-abortion politicians?

As we all know, two weeks ago Pope Benedict XVI said that voting for aborting babies is incompatible with receiving Communion. Amen, Your Holiness!

But what about the clergy and hierarchy who, while 3,000 babies a day die in savage abortions, enable and affirm the pro-abortion politicians by inviting them, awarding them, posing with them in campaign opportunities, praising them for "social justice" and giving them Communion?

So in addition to the pro-abortion politicians, do their buddies in the clergy and the hierarchy not need a warning from the Pope, too?

Some might say that is a radical thought.

But are not these clergy and hierarchy cooperating, and somewhat more than remotely, in grave evil? After all, they definitely help keep in office the politicians who keep legal the Herod-like slaughter of millions of innocent babies.

How are things ever going to change without a pro-life spiritual shakeup and wake-up call?

Do not just pro-abortion Catholic politicians, but also their allies in the clergy and hierarchy, stand in serious need of repentance, amendment and atonement over the aborted babies?

(Yes, I know we all stand in need of those things, and thank God for the Sacrament of Penance!)


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