Jul 27, 2007

Catholics want to intervene in San Diego diocese case

An Associated Press article (click on this post's title) says Parishioners for Churches and Schools, a group headed by Patrick Hazel, filed a motion yesterday to be allowed to intervene in the Diocese of San Diego's bankruptcy proceedings.

The group "asked a federal bankruptcy judge Thursday to prevent churches, schools and charitable missions from being closed or sold to settle sex-abuse allegations against the San Diego diocese."

Mr. Hazel said:

"We believe sincerely and deeply in our hearts, as Catholics, that if a settlement reduced the ability of the [C]hurch to educate its children or to do its charitable work, that would be unjust. The parishioners who provided donations had no knowledge of the abuse, didn't condone it, didn't authorize it. They are innocent."

A hearing in the diocese's case in federal bankruptcy court is set for Sept. 6.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well that leads me to an interesting thought...
maybe if the parishioners were no longer convinced of their "innocence" (in the sense that they refuse to perform adequate and sufficient oversight of the administration of their diocese) they and other dioceses might be a bit more vigilant and procative about inducing shakeups in diocese management.
Considered that way, many in the LA diocese like to think of themselves as "innocent victims" when really at some point we have a certain responsibility to protect our own interests by holding our own leadership accountable in a real and deliberate way.
To a great extent Mahony acts the way he does because his congregation lets him.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

procative= proactive

11:14 PM  

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