Jul 14, 2007

"NOT" just for the SSPX...that's "not" as in, "N-O-T"

Cardinal Dario Castrillon de Hoyos, president of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, said this to the Italian newspaper Il Giornale (sorry, I don't have a link) on July 8:

"I wish to clarify, though, that the papal document has not been made for the Lefebvrists, but because the Pope is convinced of the need to underline that there is a continuity in the Tradition, and that in the Church one does not move forward by way of fractures. The ancient Mass has never been abolished nor forbidden.”

Bishop Donald Trautman of Erie has now said the opposite -- that the Pope's document was made for "those in schism."

I trust the Cardinal's assessment more than the bishop's. How about you?

And besides, the Pope himself said he was taking action for more people than the SSPX.

By the way, when are we going to hear a U.S. bishop echo the Pope's praises of the Tridentine Latin Mass in Summorum Pontificum? Their response so far is to cavil about it.


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