Nov 2, 2007

Cardinal sees "shadow side" to the New Mass

A Catholic News Service article (click on this post's title) in this week's issue of The Tidings quotes Vatican II luminary Cardinal Gottfried Danneels of Mechelen-Brussels, Belgium, as making an interesting admission:

"'The active involvement of the people in the liturgy is an unparalleled gift of the [Second Vatican] council to the people of God,' he said.

"While endorsing that participation, he also cautioned that 'there is a shadow side' to it.

"'Participation and mutual celebration can lead to a subtle form of manipulation.... Those who serve the liturgy, both priests and laity, become its owners' instead of its servants, he said. This can lead to trivializing the liturgy, eliminating the sacred and turning it from the worship it is supposed to be into a mere social event, he added.

"Cardinal Danneels said the trend he was describing is not universal, but it would be wrong to ignore it in any serious attempt to evaluate the state of liturgical practice some 40 years after the council."

Cardinal Danneels said these things, and others, on Oct. 25 at a liturgical conference at the Catholic Univetsity of America.

These points by Cardinal Danneels have also been made for the past 40 years by so many Catholics whom the liberals continue to deride as "traditionalists."

Wow, I didn't know Cardinal Danneels was a traditionalist. Did you? (Just kidding. It's fun to see him make a traditonalist point.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry but that's not Traditionalist talk at all. “People of God, “active involvement,” and “mutual celebration” are all Vatican II ambiguity talk. Props on recognizing a real problem but he appears not to be able to grasp the situation in its entirety.

10:45 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Anonymous 10:45 p.m.,

I was just kidding about him being a traditionalist. I'll modify my post to make that clear.

What I was meaning is that it's interesting that even a liberal like Cdl. Danneels makes the traditionalist point that there are problems with the way some celebrate the New Mass.

3:06 PM  

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