Dec 11, 2007

Colorado killer hated Christians...which brings up a point

An AP story today (click on this post's title) says this about the 24-year-old man who killed people at a Protestant mission center and a Protestant church in Arvada and Colorado Springs, Colorado, last Sunday:

"Authorities also believe Murray authored an anti-Christian diatribe online that closely repeated a rant by one of the Columbine killers, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

"The most recent post to the site, a forum for people who have left evangelical religious groups, was Sunday morning in the hours between his attacks in Arvada and Colorado Springs, according to KUSA-TV in Denver, which first reported on the writings.

"'You Christians brought this on yourselves,' Murray wrote, according to the station, which did not identify the site. 'All I want to do is kill and injure as many of you ... as I can especially Christians who are to blame for most of the problems in the world.'"

"The language in the post is almost identical to the text of a manifesto written by Eric Harris, one of the teens who carried out the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School.

"The online posts, under the pen name 'nghtmrchld26,' spanned several weeks, and in an earlier one, Murray appeared to reject offers of psychological help.
'I've already been working with counselors. I have a point to make with all this talk about psychologists and counselors "helping people with their pain,"' he wrote, according to KUSA.

"The station said Murray's posts were removed from the site after Sunday's killings, and that authorities were aware of them and investigating. Police in Colorado Springs and Arvada would not comment on the writings."

The point I want to make is that the killer wrote, "You Christians brought this on yourselves."

As we know -- and no one can dispute it -- that is the same charge that abortion aficionados and sodomy enthusiasts, including "dissenting" Catholics, regularly bring against the Catholic Church. They say it is "hate speech" for the Church to point out that aborting babies and committing sodomy are mortal sins.

And note that the news story says this killer's anti-Christian diatribe closely resembled one made by a Columbine killer. Law enforcement and the news media didn't stress the Columbine killers' hatred of Christianity at the time.

So when you hear anyone say, "Catholics / pro-lifers like you are to blame," or, "You Catholics / pro-lifers bring it on yourselves," pray for that person and tell him or her something like, "That's what the Arvada-Colorado Springs killer said. Looks like you need to pray for repentance and to love your fellow Catholics."


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