Jan 31, 2008

Father Marcial Maciel, L.C., has died

Padre Alvaro Corcuera, the head of the Legionaries of Christ, has announced that the Legionaries' founder, Padre Marcial Maciel, L.C., died today http://www.marcialmaciel.com/eng/nfundador.htm

What with the allegations and Pope Benedict's action, let us pray for the repose of his soul and let us pray for everyone concerned.

May God always watch over, guide, protect and prosper our Catholic Church, for His glory and the eternal good of souls.

My Jesus, mercy! Mary, help!

P.S. The Reuters report (click on this post's title) could not resist calling the Legionaries of Christ "an ultra-conservative movement." The news media hardly ever call anyone "liberal," let alone "ultra-liberal."


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