Feb 14, 2008

Help California's teens and families -- by helping the Sarah's Law campaign

Do you think teachers and other strangers should be able to sneak teenage girls to abortion mills without their parents knowing about it?

That's the shocking, sickening state of things here in California now.

But you can change that by circulating petitions and taking other steps to help get the pro-life Sarah's Law initiative on the California ballot this Nov. 8.

(Maybe you're already doing this. Congratulations, if you are!)

Sarah's Law is a state constitutional amendment to require an abortionist to notify a parent, or, in case of parental abuse, another adult family member, of an unemancipated minor at least 48 hours before aborting her baby.

Sarah's Law also requires an abortionist to obtain the personal consent of a minor before committing the abortion, and it allows for court intervention if someone is coercing a minor to abort her baby.

Click on this post's title to find out about Sarah's Law, including who Sarah was -- yes, I said "was" -- and how the pro-abortion objections to Sarah's Law don't hold water.

Sarah's Law flyers are available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Get your family members, relatives, friends, parishioners and others to sign Sarah's Law petitions to get this vital pro-life measure on the Nov. ballot.

Thanks for listening, and let's all get busy!


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