Feb 2, 2008

Pro-life film festival in San Francisco, March 7

Go here http://www.ignatius.com/cinemavita/ to find out all about the first annual Cinema Vita Film Festival, up in San Francisco this March 7 -- the events, tickets, sponsorships and submission guidelines.

The featured film is After the Truth, a 1990s German "what-if" film that portrays a fictional trial in which the Nazi doctor monster Mengele -- he was an abortionist, by the way -- is not only unapologetic about his crimes against humanity, he tries to justify them.

The festival will be at the Delancey Street Theater, 600 Embarcadero, S.F.

Spread the word about this new pro-life effort in the arts. Help it be successful this year and be a springboard to a bright future.

(Thanks to friend Gibbons Cooney for jogging me to promote this fine event.)


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