Feb 29, 2008

UCLA pro-life students' sting exposes Planned Parenthood racism

Congratulations to the UCLA pro-life student group Live Action for their latest caper. Maybe you've heard about it.

They arranged for an actor to call Planned Parenthood "development centers" in seven states and pretend to be a donor asking that his donation go specifically to aborting black babies to reduce the black population.

Sure enough, the Planned Parenthood staffers didn't bat an eye at the caller's sickening, overt racism; they were happy to process his donation. One PP staffer in Idaho even called a racist statement "understandable."

This all makes perfect sense to anyone who knows that Planned Parenthood plants most of its abortion chambers in minority neighborhoods. PP thinks the way to get rid of poverty is to get rid of poor babies. They aborted more than 264,000 babies in their most recent reported year.

Just click on this post's title to visit the site of Live Action's online and print edition magazine, The Advocate.

The pro-lifers distributed thousands of copies of their new issue, with the PP expose, on the UCLA campus last Monday. Now, some UCLA students are petitioning to ban PP from campus.

Live Action also wants "to get more child pregnancy services at UCLA."

Be sure to see Live Action's videos and their previous two magazine issues, which detail past exposes of theirs. These courageous pro-life student journalists deserve our thanks, donations and encouragement.


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