Mar 25, 2008

More clergy-Democrat footsie: Here we go again

The online California Catholic Daily on Monday reported (click on this post's title) that Fr. Jon Pedigo will say Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph in San Jose at 7:15 a.m. this Saturday, March 29, for a group calling itself the Catholic Democrats of California

This will be during the state Democrat convention. The California Democrat platform is rigidly and rabidly pro-abortion and is pro-homosexual "marriage," too.

Don't look now, you Democrat-loving Catholic hierarchy and clergy (you know who you are), but "Catholic Democrat" "social justice" is completely illegitimate, because it countenances the mass murders of babies by the millions.

You can't have social justice when you're killing millions of members of society.

So how can you say Mass for the baby-killing politicians? Will you tell them to repent and confess before they attempt to receive Communion?

When will you ever place God's little babies first, ahead of your Democrat ideology?


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