Mar 5, 2008

wRECk 2008

"wRECk" is a good nickname for too much of the REC (pictured above) -- Cardinal Mahony's annual Religious Education Congress.

Not all of it is problematic, of course. But why does any of it have to be problematic? Souls are at stake.

Catholic liberals like to call the REC just "Congress." At the REC web site (click on this post's title) you will find a list of the 2008 speakers, photos such as the one above and transcripts of the Cardinal's live online chat sessions.

Congratulations to Concerned Roman Catholics of America and their friends who leafleted and picketed outside this past Saturday to warn attendees of problems inside.

Some attendees thanked CRCOA and friends for being there to alert people. One said people back home had told her the wRECk had problems.

In the photo above, you can kind of see a miter behind one of the ladies at the far left on the stage during Mass.

Maybe I'll have a little more to say about the wRECk at some point.


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