Jun 26, 2008

Would Democrats want slavery totally legal but "rare?"

As you've probably read, a lot of pro-abortion Democrat candidates this year, from the top on down, are trying to give Catholics a way to vote for them.

The con the Democrats are using is to claim that even though they are sticking to their Keep All Abortions Legal platform and agenda, they want to cut the number of the babies who are put to death in the abortion chambers.

(Of course, the Democrats don't ever utter the word "babies" or the term "put to death," nor do they ever say "abortion chambers.")

How the Democrats' claim that they want to keep baby-killing legal but inflicted upon fewer infants could make it okay to vote for them, they don't explain.

But anyway, the Democrats' con dissolves immediately when you stop to think of analogies to it.

For example, would you believe a politician who said slavery is a fundamental constitutional right, we must keep slavery legal with no restrictions whatsoever, anti-slavery sentiment is "extreme" and anti-slavery activism needs to be outlawed and punished, but then said, "Natch, I want slavery to be rare?"

Of course not.

So, you L.A. Catholic bishops, clergy, religious and laity out there who are going to vote for your favorite pro-abortion politicians this year -- and you know who you are -- let's see you explain credibly and exactly how your beloved, abortion-loving politician pals are suddenly going to turn into baby-savers.

Know what? You can't do it. So you can't vote for pro-aborts -- not one.

Aren't you glad Ole Q has just saved you from committing complicity in aborting millions of God's precious babies? I thought so.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many of the pro-abortion legislators here in California are Catholic Democrats. Please join the Coalition to Eliminate Abortion Funding www.california4life.org as we demand our tax dollars be used to truly help the needy of our state, rather than spend $33 million on destroying life and hurting women by providing 95,000 "free" abortions each year! Wynette Sills

10:59 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Mrs. Sills,

I second the motion to everything you say, and I've done a new post about how we need to stop the flow of tax dollars to abortionists.

I've admired you and your family from afar for a long time, for your devotion to moms and babies and the right to life.

I seem to remember that your daughter stood up for the right to life and was persecuted for it. All of us are very proud of the pro-life Sills family!

2:05 PM  

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