Nov 20, 2008

How many of the hierarchy voted for Obama, did you say?

Have you heard (click on this post's title) that pro-life (and convert to the Faith) Laura Ingraham recently had EWTN news chief Raymond Arroyo on her national radio show?

She asked him, "Here is the problem: How many of the bishops voted for Obama?"

Raymond Arroyo answered, "...The bishops I spoke to say that maybe half of their brother bishops, if not more, voted for Obama. Because they thought the symbol of Obama would overcome racism and be a great healer and unity [sic]."

Hmmm. "...maybe half...if not more" sounds suspiciously like the 54% of all U.S. Catholic voters who picked Obama.

Ole Q would not be surprised if the figure was more like two-thirds. That is how many of the bishops did NOT issue statements against Obama before the election.

None of this should surprise us, if we look back a bit in history and recall that ALL of the English bishops, except one, the martyr St. John Fisher, sold out to the English king, the monster Henry VIII.


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