Dec 1, 2008

The L.A. Times can't resist attacking our Church

That arrogant editorial (see the previous post) about "ordaining" ladies was not the only attack the L.A. Times made against our Church on Sunday. They also ran a long op-ed (click on this post's title) that included a slam at the Church.

The op-ed, "The GOP's McCarthy gene," by author Neal Gabler, wrongly accused the Republican Party of winning elections by appealing to people's fears.

The attack on our Church came when Gabler wrote this bilge:

"[Senator Joseph] McCarthy [R-Wisc], a Catholic, was especially adept at nursing national resentments [sic] among the sorts of people that typically did not vote Republican. He stumbled onto the fact [sic] that many of these people in postwar America were frightened and looking for scapegoats [sic]."

Why did Gabler write, and the L.A. Times print, those two words, "a Catholic?" They are out of place. They clearly have nothing to do with the topic. Are Catholics "adept at nursing national resentments?"

That is the language of bigotry. Such attacks are not small things. We must never let them stand unchallenged.

By the way, it is to the everlasting credit of Bobby and Ethel Kennedy, who were good friends of Senator Joe McCarthy, that they loyally remained friends with him when everyone else in Washington, D.C., turned against him.


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